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About Us

We are government recognized Exporter and registered Small scale industry SMSE by government of India, RoyalKing Exports over 21 years of experience in coffee traders and certified roasters, situated at Coorg, Mudigere & Chikmagalur with its own coffee estates in Karnataka, India. We have mastered the craft of coffee manufacturing by studying and working in each step of coffee production from planting, harvesting, curing, roasting, grinding and packing to achieve the highest standard in the coffee industry.

Our Specialty Drum Roaster achieves gentle consistent roasting through precise, automatic profiling. It achieves rapid cooling to retain desired aroma and flavour of the beans. The roaster holds a solid roasting drum and special paddle mixer to ensure optimal blending and an excellent roast.

The most common way to describe coffee roast levels is by the color of the roasted beans, ranging from light to dark (or extra dark)

With a large network of international coffee importers across the globe, Royalking Exports holds a unique relationship through trust and quality.

We take orders from an unit of 100 Kilogram to 1 Container of roasted and coffee bean and deliver within stipulated time line.

RoyalKing Exports are fully involved in the long journey of coffee plantation. We want to make your experience a delightful and satisfying one that you look forward for every day coffee.

The main commercially grown coffee species are Arabica and Robusta. Seven to eight months following the appearance of the flower, the fruit develops, changing from light green to red and ultimately when fully ripe and ready for picking, to a deep crimson. The ripe berries are handpicked, sun-dried in a traditional way over 150 years. The RoyalKing Exports are fully involved in the long journey from plantation till it is packed and shipped globally as we are cultivators of coffee & suppliers of world’s most superior quality of Coffee, Pepper, Sugar & preserved fruit juices.

We always try to be innovative and different. This mentality has pushed us to become one of the best coffee roasters in India that also processes our own coffee beans from freshly harvested coffee cherries. This effort ensures that the quality of our coffee beans is always at its best and at its freshest.

To further our commitment to you, we only roast our coffee once we have received your order. This effort ensures that you always get our coffee at its very best. Big coffee roasters or coffee bought on supermarket shelves cannot provide this commitment to their customers. We proved we only use 100% Single Origin and Strictly High Grown (SHG) Arabica beans. Single origin means that the beans have not been mixed with any other beans, while Strictly High Grown refers to coffee grown at altitudes higher than 1,200 meters above the sea level. At higher altitude, beans grow more slowly to produce a denser, and more intense flavor. Higher grown beans are often more desirable and considered higher in quality.

RoyalKing Exports has started to become an icon in providing the best coffee globally.