Our Mission of Exports

We export Green Coffee beans & Black Pepper, We have experienced and professionally qualified personnel in our export team who can handle customized orders & logistically complete the shipments before deadline. We plan meticulously to meet our buyers specific requirements according to their client requests. Our shipments are via ports of New Mangalore Port (Karnataka State), Chennai Port (Tamil Nadu State) India .

As we are coffee growers and rosters we do customized roasting as per client requirement and utilize premium quality packing covers to maintain the best aroma.

royalking exports
royalking exports

We Supply a wide Range in

SL No. Country Plantation Screen Size
1. India Arabica Cherry AB Scr 15
2. India Arabica Cherry C Scr 14
3. India Arabica Cherry PB
4. India Arabica Cherry A Scr 17
5. India Arabica Cherry AA Scr 18
6. India Arabica Cherry AAA Scr 19
7. India Arabica Cherry Bulk
8. India Robusta Parchment AB Scr 15
9. India Robusta Parchment A Scr 17
10. India Robusta Parchment AA Scr 18
11. India Robusta Parchment AAA Scr 19
12. India Robusta Kaapi Royale Scr 17
13. India Robusta Parchment PB
14. India Robusta Parchment C scr 14
15. India Robusta Parchment Bulk
16. India Robusta Cherry AB Scr 15
17. India Robusta Cherry C Scr 14
18. India Robusta Cherry A Scr 17
19. India Robusta Cherry AA Scr 18
20. India Robusta Cherry AAA Scr 19
21. India Robusta Cherry PB
22. India Robusta Cherry Bulk
23. India Mysore Nuggest Extra Bold
24. India Monsoon Malabar